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Stray not into Darkness...

Or face being lost forever

Chibi Nataku
13 November
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What I have shown you is reality,
Whatever YOU want, daddy,

...You're the evidence that I lived...
  Because, Cloud, you are... a puppet.
・・・ Chibi-Nataku

~ A B O U T ~

I'm an obsessive fangirl (who isn't?) with a degree in biology and looking to attain a diploma in Animal Health Technology. I write frequently, but most of my fanfiction is currently on hold due to the workload of schooling.

~ F A N D O M ~

Final Fantasy VII - Oh, my horrible obsession!
Ai no Kusabi
Fullmetal Alchemist (Yay Hohenheim!)

~ R O L E P L A Y ~
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Seph/Cloud is Love.

Cloud is Lost Love