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Be a Gentleman and Shoot the Lady

damned is driving me crazy! CRAZY!

Okay, not the RP community, but my silly Hohenheim muse. He's been attacking my brain in that silent scheming way of his. He wants me to post more for him, and I really want to as well... hell, I would spam the community with his mad alchemic blabbering if I could. Unfortunately, that would be so out of character for him, it would probably warrant me getting a slap upside the head.

He's all eager and new and SHINY, and he says the weirdest things. He's so bad about throwing random pieces of unrelated information out in a conversation. I wanted to post for him on the bulletin board, but he's still in the mode of hiding himself from everyone who might be looking for him that I can't.

Not even Edward's shaking or rough way of telling him to get off his duff and do something useful hasn't spurred him enough. So sad he's the kind of guy who lurks around in the shadows because he has so much knowledge to share... and random tangents too. It's fun to have everyone angry at him and he's completely accepting of that fact. I suppose people get really strange when they have lived for 400+ years.

Though, I'm so happy! Only one character has tried to kill him! He's passed under the radar more than I expected... or maybe I had high-hopes for his arrival. o.O;;; I can never tell sometimes.


One of those days

It's days like these that make me appreciate the fact that I've handed in my resignation at work. Despite having the largest amount of staff on possible, it seemed like nothing could actually go right. That's actually not true... we cleaned fast and did what had to be done as per general maintance.

Cut for Ranting that probably makes no senseCollapse )

I'm just looking forward to being able to sit for my two days off and catching up with my RPs which I am lagging on. I almost feel like losing myself in writing an application for another character in damned, but I don't know who I should apply for. Actually, I have two character I could, but... uh, the application is so long. -_- What should I do?


Jun. 11th, 2008

TokyoPop is breaking up into two companies... meaning they will be putting out half of the manga they normally do. That makes me a sad panda. Tokyopop does pretty quality manga, but I haven't had any confirmations on if they are cutting some of their ongoing series. X_X

The only nice part is that they are still releasing .Hack//G.U.+ Vol 2... like yesterday. And they are releasing .Hack//XXXX, which made me squee in my pants. I have wanted to read that manga for so long, and it almost makes me want to apply for Kite in damned because he's such a cutie-poo... and so passive aggressive at times. I hope they don't make him as much of an ass as they did in Another Birth. Only Haseo can be the master ass for the .Hack// series... oh and Skeith, but they seem to feel off each other's asshole~ishness. I wonder if I can apply for an Fragment of Morganna. o.O;;;

Actually, not sure if I could handle another character in damned anyway. The two I have now are fun, and I'm completely unprepared for the application cycle. I think because I was one of the last people to receive my notification last time, it doesn't feel like it's been all that long. All I can say is that I'm happy that I snagged Hohenheim.


Oh Snap!

I can't remember the last time that I posted. Seriously, I can't. That must mean that it was over a month ago. Since I'm paying for this journal, I mine as well use it. XD

I put in my resignation for work. That leaves me a tragic amount of free time to RP and write fanfiction. But that's okay and come Sept 2nd, I'll probably lose any life that I thought I had as I head back to school. Hopefully, I'll have lots of RPing and fanfiction out of the way... so I can concentrate on gaining awesome skillz in university.

I'm going down to Anime Evolution in Vancouver and PAX in Seattle. Hopefully, it will be fun. They will be the first conventions that I will have ever attended. I'm looking forward to it. :D


Is it bad that my brain has been violently taken over by CloudxElena? It's never happened before, and I admit being WTF about it. I think it is safe to blame the original starters for this, which would be thoughts of CloudxTifa smut. I will point my finger over at anrixan for those starter ones.

Anyway, I got my personal appraisal from by employer. The vote? I'm a damn awesome employee, but my ability to communicate sucks at times. Yeah, tell me something that I didn't know, would you?

Oh, and I'm finally working on Killer Instinct again. It's been slow because I'm having a fiddily confrontation of sorts that has made me have to do some research on lines and such that would and wouldn't be said. That asides, I think it's going well. Hopefully, that Final Fantasy VII fic will wait its turn.

Bad Fanfiction


There is so much bad fanfiction out there. It makes me want to cry. I think what I find far worse than bad fiction itself is that some of them start with an absolutely wonderful idea, but either their writing skills or ability to pace out the fic appropriately (sometimes both) is like a kick to the groin.

I find it sad to see such good flickers of ideas get butchered like a baby seal. Of course, it makes me want to write some of those ideas, but I can't. I consider that stealing, even though... it was a terrible fic.

Speaking with a friend about it, it really is sad to have that feeling of being so let down after thinking that the concept would shine through the miles of crap laid on top of it. The painful reading isn't worth for that small gem of an idea. We are both of the thinking that we should write them just so there is something good out there (assuming it can be salvaged).

I was tossing around the idea of doing a few challenges. I was thinking that over and realized that I know so few series that it would be difficult. Damn my sheltered life!

If anyone has an idea for a fic they want written, pass it along. I might see if I can poke at it... which may be doubtful. D:

Bathrooms on Sunday

Don't you just hate it when you are cleaning the bathroom (no, not mine) and you find yellow streaks down the wall next to/behind the toilet? I mean, seriously gentlemen... piss in the hole, not around it.

And if you miss, clean it up, you f-ing pigs.

Well, that was my day. :D
I think I have lost the ability to have fun with people sometimes. I'm becoming a cynical old lady already. I can't even seem to have bizarre free-for-all conversations anymore. ;_;

I need to do some life revitalization! If only I wasn't so lazy most of the time. >.> I need to work on that too.

[EDIT]: I think I hate my brother. He's such an asshat. *shakes fist at him*


RP Pimpage

[Iunctus Epitaph] || [An FFVII RPG]

Faced with a deadly threat, will they stand together or die alone?

The PremiseCollapse )

Full Plot Summary | Gameplay | Rules | Character List | Character Application
Further Information

Questions? Contact: epitaph.mods@gmail.com

anrixan, this was the RP that I poked you about. :)

Don't Eat It!

I was given the link to this website that was downright hilarious. ANyone that needs a laugh who hasn't already seen "Steve, Don't Eat It", I encourage you to read his blog. Some of the stuff he writes had me in stitches. I hope he updates :D

Don't Eat It!

A friend of mine keeps telling me to get into small paragraph prompts. I think that I should, but there are so many series out there that I don't know. I admit my cowardice when it comes to just putting things on the communities I'm in. I don't want to fail... at the internet! Woe!

Someone might be making a .Hack//G.U. mood theme. :D I luvs them!