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What is the worlds are we thinking?

OMG! A post! Apparently, they still exist. >.> They just don't happen often anymore.

This is yet another pointless and over-dramatized rant about something that bugs me to the bottom most point of my left ventricle (because it is larger and has more power to pump my disdain). It think that it's bothered me for years, since I first became aware of them years and years ago. I find them pointless, cowardly, and a horrible waste of everyone's precious time. They usually end up becoming vile pits for dislike, over-opinionated riff-raff, blatant pointing of fingers and unfounded accusations.

Yes, I'm talking about you "Anonymous Comms", where everyone in your f-list supports a horrible way to speak out against injustice (or just rant like a banshee about pointless tripe no one cares about but needs to get a dig about anyway). There are several out there to my knowledge, and I hate every single one of them. They are the most degrading and offensive communities that are on Livejournal.

Now, they are infecting the internet with their srs business crap that involves anonymous memes, anonymous critiques, and anonymous food orders (okay, I made one up). I do know that the internet is clearly srs business, but have we really reduced ourselves to needing to hide behind an anonymous sign just to get a real honest-to-god opinion? And the opinions that are generally had are littered with over-dramatization, break down a person's self-esteem, involve wank like crazy, and breed all manner of hate and dislike.

All of them (communities especially) are like pits of hungry sharks and when blood is introduced, they go CRAZY and take huge bites out of anything in their pond. The slander good communities, good people, and good concepts all for the purpose of 'making something better' or 'just cause'. It's a horrible policy to do business. Cowards do anonymous stuff. Get a backbone and show your face and name if you want to have a real opinion heard.

Livejournal banned communities for sexual content and got flamed for it. Livejournal lets blatant harassment go on under their nose because it doesn't fall in their 'harassment' policy so long as names aren't mentioned or other personal information. It's a piss off.

I hope people who go out of their way to run someone or something down in an anonymous community fall on a pointed stick and have it jab into their liver. They deserve it, the asstards.



Jan. 8th, 2009 05:26 am (UTC)
*raises up like an overzealous church lady in the pulpit* A-MEN, sister!

You've put your finger on exactly what drives me crazy about these things. I've made a habit of sticking it to "paranoia memes" especially (i.e. those things where you make mysterious comments about 15 or 20 friends, some of them probably insulting, and watch everyone freak out and wonder if you secretly hate them). Whenever I see one going around, I use it as incentive to call, talk to, or IM any people at that time I have something I really need to say to, but have been holding back thus far. It's amazing how much less drama is caused by not hiding behind an "anonymous" meme and being willing to say "this bugs me" or "I like this about you," no tricks, no misdirection, just straightforward honesty.

I also hate how people use anonymity in these comms and memes to say things they would never say in life. Whether or not you're hiding behind that little "anonymous" box on LJ, you're still being an asshat. Asshats are asshats whether or not they identify themselves, and just because you haven't signed your name, it doesn't mean you have been freed from all tresponsibility for the consequences of your asshattery.

So yeah, long story short, we share a pet peeve. I stay away from anonymous communities, because by and large, they bring out the worst of the internet. I've heard the "it can be liberating" argument, but I don't think the few good things that can potentially come out of anonymous comms and memes outweigh the plethora of terrible ones.


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