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OMG, where did the month go?

School is trying to eat into my skull and devour my poor brain. I think the most difficult class in substance and class experience is Veterinary Clinical Pathology (study of blood and other lovely bodily fluids). It's like a massive info dump every class, and I end up wandering out with a headache every single time.

We have a few new teachers that are kind of so-so with their teaching, but it is their first time. I know some people are frustrated that we are paying money and not actually getting the full teaching experience, but... that's what a textbook is for.

Fecal Fridays... last class of the day and we get to look under a microscope at poop. It is a smelly, kind of nasty feeling lab... but oh so fun. My only frustration is that I haven't seen any little buggly eggs in any of my samples (which is good for the animal but bad for me). I want my learning experience! Where are the bugglies?! So sad... maybe we can view some tapeworm eggs next week.

Though, next week is going to be a like a kick to the teeth. I have a quiz/test every day of the week, sometimes two on one day. Oh my brain... where will you go while I cram information packages inside of you.

All this school work makes it really difficult to RP. I'm having a lot of trouble keeping up with the two that I'm in right now, and I keep telling myself it will be alright. I am coming to realize that I will probably have to drop one of them, but that decision seems so... final.

At least I get to train my dog patient. That's always fun.



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Sep. 20th, 2008 12:49 am (UTC)
I know how much you love looking at shit all day XD whoo for fecal Friday's? -coughs-

You still weren't able to see any nasties in the poo today? Man that sucks ass -is shot-
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