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Life in General

It's been a week today since I resigned from my job. It still feels like a vacation, though I admit to already being forgetful when it comes to the days of the week. I have to keep checking my computer calender in order to remember. And thankfully, work hasn't called me to ask questions and the like, though I keep dreaming about work. -_-

It's only a few more days before ozzypoos arrives in Canada to stay with me for the next six months. It feels really weird to think about that, but I think it will be alright as well. I have plenty planned on what we are going to do and see, and I hope she doesn't think trees and mountains are boring or I could be in trouble. XD I'm still laughing about her having to experience a true Canadian winter, though mom says I should take her skiing. That would probably be completely disasterous.

Funny how I am almost finished the next chapter to Killer Instinct, but now that Sephiroth has arrived on the scene with his panties in a bunch I am having writer's block. I really would like to finish the chapter before Ozzy arrives. I figure that punishing Cloud is one thing that I'm really good at, so I'm not sure why my brain is farting over this.

*sigh* I wasted away the entire dinner shift in damned. I almost wish that Cloud was medicated in the morning instead of the evening, since it's so hard to get it done. He's all pissy about getting drugs shoved down his throat. I didn't even do anything with poor Hohenheim for dinner. He's probably too busy writing himself notes to really eat too much.



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